Selected Topics in Psychology and Traffic Safety
Traffic Psychology International (TPI)
Matúš Šucha
Ludo Kluppels
Ralf Risser
Don DeVol
Margit Herle
1. Auflage 2021
110 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3-7812-2073-7

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Traffic Psychology International (TPI)

Selected Topics in Psychology and Traffic Safety Vehicles


The most important component of road traffic and mobility is behaviour. Psychology is the branch of science concerning human behaviour, its understanding and its control. Therefore the aim of Traffic Psychology is to support the individual user of public space and roads – and to contribute to shaping the physical and social environment in a way, that sustainable traffic and mobility are enhanced. Thus traffic safety is a most important feature there, amongst others.

This book gives a comprehensive overview on  the main topics related to Traffic psychology to experts in the field as well as to all who are interested in this subject area. Written by lead experts in the field of traffic and mobility, who are members of the European initiative Traffic Psychology International TPI, this book is intended for everyone who cares professionally for traffic safety in Europe – no matter whether they work at ministries, authorities, industry, NGOs or still studying in a related field.

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